Individual Sessions & Group Classes

Individual sessions are available and can be booked by email. These are more suitable if you come with a specific project so that Marguerite can help you build up a programme to continue at home.

The initial sessions will take 1 hour and subsequent Alexander and Feldenkrais sessions can last 30 minutes.

Shared classes with just 1 other person is possible too. The more flexible series of classes last 4 weeks in a row. Others run by the term.

classclass2 Group classes in the Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais are taking place weekly. Please enquire by email.

Ergonomic visits to offices in and around London are available. Visits to your office to advise you on better seating, pc and desk arrangements. The opportunity for individual private alexander lessons to de-stress and apply the technique in practise are included.

“When I finished the class this evening my headache had gone and my knee felt better and now the pain is almost gone! Thank you Marguerite, your classes never cease to amaze me.”