“After long travels and sleepless nights and a stiff neck as a result, I can say that Marguerite miraculously returned my mobility and energy.”
Mr DeStefanis, Senior Executive BBC World

“I have really appreciated the life-changing aspect of The Alexander Technique. As a busy doctor, I spend long hours consulting or sitting at a desk. A few sessions with Marguerite on improving posture have helped me to pinpoint areas of tension and prevent pain and stiffness of the spine. I often recommend AT to my patients.”
Dr A.Walters, General Practitioner

“Marguerite has quite changed my life. I used to have more or less permanent pain in my shoulder and it has gone. I used not to be able to swim breast stroke without pain. Now I can go for miles. I cannot recommend Marguerite and the Alexander Technique too highly.”
Mrs J.Drabble, former BBC Executive

“AT is the antithesis of how I have experienced life to date and the way you teach it is just perfect . It was a pleasure to be in the hands of someone who really knows what she is doing.”
Mr Tupker

“Thank you Marguerite, the classes really do give me a meditative and relaxing time as well as a marrying of mind and body and a connection between all the parts of the body. I love them as you know.”
Laura Stephenson, Singer/Director

“I have suffered for 10 years – since going to Marguerite nearly 3 years ago, I have improved significantly. It sounds extreme to say that Marguerite/ Alexander/Jin Shin has given me my life back, but before I went to her for Alexander Technique lessons, my lifestyle was restricted. I worried about travelling, about going to certain restaurants with uncomfortable chairs or hotels with soft beds.”
Mr Clapham, Banker

“Having been familiar with Alexander Technique for some time and doing a lot of work with my local teacher, it is important for me to be able to find excellent and skilled teachers in the places where I go to perform.  I happened to be in the midst of a very physically and emotionally intense production and could feel that the best way for me to survive was to find someone in the area to do some body work.  My teacher found Marguerite and she was an absolute blessing: from the first, her energy was so calming, so peaceful and encouraging and she managed to help me return to a state of equilibrium rather quickly and efficiently, as well as having shown me some new techniques that were really fantastic.  She was so wonderful about making herself available for the time I needed so that I could be successful in my performances…I don’t think I would have survived half as well had it not been for the work we had done together.”
Michele Angelini, Tenor

“I suffered from back pain and a very tight, stiff neck and shoulders. I work long days sitting at my desk in a stressed environment and under pressure to meet deadlines. I had to do something proactive about my neck and back pain as I could not live with it any more. Alexander Technique is the best thing I could ever have done. Thanks to Marguerite I am now aware of tensions that cause discomfort and pain and I am aware of how I use my body. She has provided guidance to manage myself, I have arranged my desk for greater comfort, I have improved posture throughout my daily activities and I can handle stress with more calm. I know how to release unnecessary tension while performing everyday movements such as walking, lifting, standing, reaching, etc. so my body works more efficiently. Now I know why my back / neck aches and I have the chance to prevent it. I know what to do to help myself, when something goes wrong.
Alexander Technique is so practical and it really works.”
Miss M. Lopez, Sales Administrator

“I required help on a long term strain injury I’d acquired from playing the violin. After trying acupuncture, massage and various other techniques I was introduced to Marguerite. I find working with Marguerite wonderfully refreshing, she approaches me as an individual and constantly searches to find the root of a problem whilst practically developing my awareness of the movements I make in general and specific circumstances. As a teacher I have found Marguerite inspiring and considerate, she consistently suggests new approaches to a problem. My overall health and awareness have improved tenfold since I began working with Marguerite back in 2011 and her knowledge combination of Alexander, Jin Shin and Feldenkrais techniques appear to cover all bases for the human body. I would highly recommend Marguerite to anyone looking for assistance with back or movement related problems, strain injuries, health and wellbeing.”
Alice Bowmer, Student 

“Marguerite’s work has helped me enormously with my posture and general well-being, and the benefits continue to last over many years. I started seeing her with awful neck and back pain, and I always felt uncomfortable. She helped me not only re-learn a more balanced way of using my body (sit, stand etc), but also gave me an ongoing awareness of what I do and an ability to adjust it without judging myself. I feel more open in my movements and have not had neck/back pain for a long time now!  I found her approach gentle and inspiring from the start and would highly recommend it!”
Liz Jones, Psychologist

“No massage or other therapy has ever left me feeling as free of tension and as alert as after an Alexander Technique lesson.”
Mrs Miller, Mother

“I am a self employed motorcycle despatch rider delivering packages throughout the UK and spending over 12 hours on the bike. About 3 years ago after working for many months with back pain (physiotherapy / doctor unable to cure the problem) I eventually suffered from a slipped disc resulting in over 2 months off work and major pain. Having been originally advised by doctors etc. that I may not be able to work on a motorcycle again and problems may occur in the future, I have been working full time in the same job with no back pain, thanks to Marguerite. She has taught me the ‘correct use of myself’, the best position to be on the motorbike, made me realise how bad my posture used to be and made me aware of any tension in my body.
I think it is unique the way Marguerite uses ‘the Alexander Technique’ and ‘Jin Shin Jyutsu’ in alternate sessions, to produce a feeling of intense relaxation, re-education and wellbeing. Once having experienced this state of pain free living, it is impossible not to be motivated to try and keep it going. With the added benefit of the knowledge of how to avoid and prevent future problems, the time and money spent is a life’s time investment.”

Mr A.J.Machin, Motorcycle Dispatch Rider

“Originally I came to Marguerite for help with my backache due to a very bad fall. After a few lessons of the Alexander Technique and Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments I have totally recovered, so that I can even ride horses again. I now have experienced a 3 day Jin Shin self help course so that I can help myself while travelling to prevent stress or jetlag disrupting my journey.”
Mrs Casson, Headteacher

“I had a toothache all morning and I thought rather than taking a paracetamol I would come to your class and voila, my toothache has gone!”

“Today I almost didn’t come to the class because I thought it would make my knee worse. Not a bit! When I finished the class it felt better and now the pain is almost gone. The Alexander Technique never ceases to amaze me. See you next week.”

“After years of visiting an osteopath I am delighted to have discovered Marguerite and Feldenkrais. Feldenkrais is a wonderful technique and Marguerite definitely understands our bodies; her gentle approach to eliminating the tightness in my muscles is such a relief. I also love the fact that I feel she isn’t watching the clock.”
Anna, Editor

“Since doing the Alexander technique I am more aware of my body- I find myself- to my great satisfaction – walking taller, with my shoulders spread wide and my sight line high.
I have become more aware of what my body is doing- and walking tall, or sitting upright on my sitting bones or bending down using my knees rather than my back, becomes what I do .
It’s more about what one does that feels right than feeling ticked off about what one does wrong. I’m beginning to get it – the body KNOWS what to do to look after itself, it’s just learnt bad habits which prevent it from performing at its best. The AT lets you relearn what comes instinctively.”
Mrs G.Sarre, Mother