The Feldenkrais method

The Feldenkrais method is and educational system centred on movement and founded by Moshe Feldenkrais DSc, 1904-1984, who was a distinguished scientist and engineer.

The Feldenkrais method exists as a great variety of movements, designed to include the entire human system: neurological, skeletal, muscular and cognitive.
reflects the state of the nervous system and is the basis of awareness. We all have more experience of movement, and more capacity for it than of feeling or thought. Our breathing is movement too and reflects every emotional or physical effort and every disturbance. How often do we hear people say; “Oh I forgot to breathe…”. We interfere with our breathing and we are often not aware that we tense our body  during our daily activities. How can we therefore expect to perform well in any other activity, such as our gym and yoga practice, and get the best result?

The Feldenkrais method offers a way of expanding oneself through movement sequences, whereby you become more aware of rigidities and habitual postures that cause pain or discomfort. Discovering options for new ways of moving, improves your flexibility and coordination and sense of feeling. Becoming aware of your movements is liberating and the basis for all activities, improving your performance from yoga to running to horse riding or playing a musical instrument or singing.

Awareness Through Movement classes run weekly, encouraging flexibility in body and mind. These lighter, smoother movements help increase bone strength via weight bearing sequences too.

Who can benefit

Just like the Alexander Technique, the Feldenkrais method increases our awareness and doesn’t prevent anyone from practising this method and benefitting from it. It can improve flexibility and general good postural use for all ages. People performing in sports (including Olympic athletes) dancers, musicians as well as office workers in their workplace.

Marguerite has the most gentle, calming nature and approaches her work as her life’s passion. Posture & alignment of one’s body she says are a big part of one’s overall health and how one feels everyday. She will get you walking correctly and standing/sitting effortlessly in a few sessions. Amazing when she demonstrates how much effort we put into our movements… who knew?

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