Body – Perfect Posture

Tried and Tested; Liz Alvis puts the Feldenkrais method to the test

I’m well aware that I slouch too much and that my posture leaves a lot to be desired. So I met with Feldenkrais method practitioner Marguerite van Boetzelaer m.s.t.a.t. to see if she could help me to walk tall.
-Similar to the Alexander Technique, this therapy is said to improve posture and flexibility as well as reduce pain by making you more aware of the way you move and carry yourself. Our session began with Marguerite asking me to scan through my body, from my feet to my head, analysing the way that I was holding myself and noticing any differences in my left and right side.
-She then asked me to perform a number of different movements, such as moving my shoulder back and forth, bending my leg and turning round to look behind me. After I performed the movement she then repeated it, gently guiding me with her hands, to demonstrate alternative ways of moving. It was interesting to note how much unnecessary effort I was putting into my movements, and also to note that I move my muscles differently on each side. I also realised that I put a lot of weight onto my right side, which could account for the pains I often experience in my right side and shoulder.
-I don’t usually think twice about the way I carry myself, so it was quite enlightening to have someone point out these things to me. I think a series of sessions would be necessary to equip me with the tools to improve my posture and reduce my general aches and pains, but this taster session was certainly a good start.

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